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  • 25 Square Foot




    About 50 medium sized boxes
     Christmas decorations
     24 Hour CCTV
     PIN-only access
     Safe & Secure

    Our 25 square foot unit is our smallest option, but still has plenty of room! It’s like a walk in wardrobe but nice and tall so you can stack as high as you want. Its a great option to get started, and you can always expand into a bigger unit at any time.

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  • 50 Square Foot




    About 100 medium sized boxes
    One bed flat
    24 Hour CCTV
    PIN-only access
     Safe & Secure


    Our 50 square foot unit is our second size up, giving more flexibility than the 25 square foot.  It is about the size of a large garden shed.

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We understand that it may be difficult to judge what size storage will be suitable for you. That’s why we have put together this handy size guide to make it easier for you. We will show you the different size units, along with a standard storage box for comparison.

If you are still struggling remember you can call us on 01942 726 175 and a Strongbox team member will guide you through the whole process.