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Size Guide

We understand that it may be difficult to judge what size storage will be suitable for you. That’s why we have put together this handy size guide to make it easier for you. Tony will show you the different size units, along with a standard storage box for comparison. 


25 Square Foot – Its small and cosy, like a walk in wardrobe but nice and tall so you can stack as high as you want.


50 Square Foot –  About the size of a medium sized garden shed. Again, they are nice and tall.


75 Square Foot –  The size of a small garage, you could fit small city car in here.


100 Square Foot – About the same floor space as a small double bedroom.


150 Square Foot –  Around the size of a full size single car garage


 200 Square Foot –  These will comfortably store the contents of a 3/4 bedroom house.